Tuesday, November 4, 2008

one madison man's voting story

I went vote today at a church under Mary's watchful eyes. Rode my bike and there were many bikes outside, many were not locked up. Line was out the door. Older guy in front of me looked around 85 and had a hearing aid. I was surprised how few people I knew. The line was around 30 people in front of me outside and as I found out later around 100 inside. It took around a half hour. The middle school kids had a bake sale and were peddling stuff to folks in line. I few poll watchers but not many from what I could tell. No electronic voting machines, just the draw a line across the arrow paper ballots. The only glitch was that the electronic machine that you are supposed to put your ballot into after you vote was not working so you had to stick the ballot in a slot under the machine. I hope someone counts them later. Most voters were in their 40-60s. Not many 20 year olds.

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